Resurrect Your Real Estate Blog: The Best Idea You’ll Ever Hear

Let me ask you a question: Got a blog yet?

Maybe you do. But it’s languishing. No hits. No comments. No subscribers. That’s a good indicator you’ve got a lackluster yawn-fest.

So, without even looking at your blog, I can guess what’s wrong with it. It’s one of three–if not all–of these factors:

1. You don’t care.

2. You’re not very good.

3. No one is listening.

And if you’ve been at real estate blogging for any time, you probably have said this to yourself more than once in the last 24 hours: “Why am I working so hard on this thing? What’s the deal?”

Again, without looking at your blog, I could probably tell you what’s wrong with it: It’s all about you.

If that’s the case, then you can kiss prospects, subscribers–and even clients–good bye. Bottom line: you build an audience, attract prospects and generate comments from consumer-focused content.

With that thought in mind, here’s one of the most brilliant ways to do that: Write short, meaningful posts about people in your community.

In essence, become a local journalist.

That means, every time you are in the car, on the phone or in a meeting with someone…find out something interesting about them. And then ask them if you can blog about them. Keep a notepad and build up a pool of stories.

Once you start posting these stories, email the person to let them know. Then naturally they tell all their friends and family. Pretty soon you’ll have a large swath of people eyeing your blog to see if they made it on there yet.

In fact, you do this good enough, and strangers will go out of their way to meet you, hoping you “interview” them.

Why is this effective? Because people like to see themselves in print. Let me explain.

I got this idea from the book Made to Stick, where Dan and Chris Heath tell the story of a city newspaper that had a readership rate over 100%.

Over 100%? That means people outside of the papers base read it. That’s incredible.

What’s the secret to their success? The editor summed it up in three words: names, names, names. He and his reporters focused on the people of the town–their dreams, ambitions, families, jobs, fears, desires, hopes and lives–not the events.

That means you should do the same. So…what are you waiting for? Get to work.

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