One of the Most Powerful Formulas for Writing Persuasive IVR Ads

You might have noticed: I’ve been on a interactive voice response kick lately.

Why? Mainly because I’m getting phenomenol feedback from clients who are kicking butt in a market that’s done nothing but chewed up real estate agents…and spit them out.

In the last year alone 40% of the agents I know have shuttered their businesses. And gone to work for someone else. Not quite the end to their dreams they’d hoped for.

What about you: Are you close to hanging up your real estate lisence? Deals collapsing all around you? Or not even materializing at all?

Has all your normal shoe-ins for leads dried up? If so, you’re not alone.

Yet a small pocket of agents using interactive voice response technology are having their best years.

What gives? Part of the secret involves the psychology of IVR: most people don’t want to talk to a salesperson but would love to simply listen to a message.

But there’s another part to the equation: How you craft your 800 number ads. Let me show just one way you can do it.

PAS Formula: Like Skimming Stunned Fish Off the Water Surface

Pain and problems dominate us–especially in this economy. Every day and every hour people are constantly looking for solutions to their pain and problems.

Because of this you can use the Pain-Agitate-Solve copywriting formula to stop people in their tracks, draw them closer, yearn for your answer…and beg for your solution.

Step 1: Point Out the Problem

This formula works especially well in short ads like 800 IVR numbers. For example, all you have to do to point out the problem is simply ask a question.

“Are Going to Lose Your Home?”

It’s that easy.

Step 2: Agitate the Problem

So, once you’ve pinpointed their pain, agitate the wound.

“With this sinking economy–and no hope of it turning around soon–you’re not alone. Yet, losing your home will cost you your equity and destroy your credit scrore”

Step 3: Solve the Problem

Now, once you’ve got them wincing, introduce them to the resource that will answer their problem or cure their pain.

“Fortunately, there’s an answer. It’s called short selling. Call me for details.”

Don’t forget the call to action. Always ask them to do something.


If you use this formula there’s a good chance your phone will go bezerk. Can’t promise that…but it’s happened before.

Naturally, you can work this with all sorts of scenarios. You could craft simple ads that’s asking for listing apointments. Or target renters and move up buyers.

In fact, the beauty behind IVR 800 numbers is that you can create multiple ads…and accurately track each one. And you don’t even need an IVR 800 number to use this formula. It works in any sales environment. Even face to face.

So, interested in crafting an that will take off like something from the launch pad of Cape Caniveral? Or simply inject some feisty juice into your current yawn fests? If so, then get to work.

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