7 Ways to Turn Your Ad, Email or Blog Post Upside Down and Get More Responses

Lead generation. It can be a real witch.

Likely, in the early days of your career as a real estate agent, you’dinvest heavy amounts of time and energy into crafting ads, emails or blog posts. Finding sources to place those ads. And emptying your wallet to pay for them.

Thus, it can be frustrating to do all this work and find that no one is listening. Let alone responding.

It’s like being a slave. No, worse. It’s like being a crippled slave.

Yet, not advertising or generating leads will leave your career deformed and lying in the dust…far behind your competition. What should you do?  

A Clever Tactic That Generates Calls and Text Messages

Well, what I want to share with you is one of the simplest tactics I’ve found for effectively getting people to call you. It’s obvious and very basic. But so many real estate agents don’t do it.

The tactic is simply to turn your ad upside down…and make the caller’s response the primary focus.

 Here are a number of ways to do just that.

Start a Debate: Pick a controversial topic or one that you think people have strong opinions about. State the two sides of the argument and let your audience go at it. Your voice mail and text messages will rack up with leads.

Ask for Advice: State a problem that you or your target consumer has and ask for help. Ask for a solution or advice. You could call this a community workshop and turn it into an event down the road.

Ask for Tips: Choose a topic that your target consumers might know something about and ask them for pratical help. You might then compile the tips and share them in an email, blog post or newsletter with those who call or text you. 

Ask for Examples: Give callers an invitation to submit examples of a topic that’s important to you or them. Again, you can then turn around and share the results with them in an email, blog post or newsletter.

Ask for Experiences: Propose a question about “your worst buying nightmare” or “best listing experience you ever had.” This is another great opportunity to share the results at an event or online. 

Run a Poll: Pick a topic–say, the economy–and survey people. Ask them how they’re fairing in this new economy, if they’re insecure or super secure in their jobs. Then ask them to expand. Share the results as you like. 

Here’s the thing to remember: You need to promise your audience that you’ll share the results, then actually share the results online or in a newsletter. The main thing is make sure you share. 

This Is the Problem You Want to Have

Like I’ve mentioned before, this approach works extremely well with our MVR system because it can deliver any voice or text information you’d like, it captures your lead information, and it gives you a platform that makes it super easy to interact with your audience.

That’s the name of the game…ENGAGEMENT!

Engage with your audience, your COI, and all your various marketing sources.

Don’t let procrastination or fear hold you back.  

This is lead generation 101. All you really want to do is get people calling or texting you. You could generate 30-50 leads a month this way.

That’s not a bad problem to have. Because once they call or text you the door is open for engagement.

Tell me what  you think. And feel free to share other examples in the in comments!


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Joseph Bridges

These ways will generate calls but you will have to spend more time disqualifying them. I personally like to put our proquest number on our website and get them to call from the Internet. It is a great use of both phone and internet.

Gary Elwood

Joseph, great thoughts. I like the idea of putting them on the web. Nice way to converge the two technologies. Let me know if you have any other inventive ways of using your number.

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