15 Interactive Voice Response Possibilities to Discover Now

Get this: the future is coming. Fast.

Sometimes we don’t look outside our little angle of it, and that means we miss some good possibilities. Other times we simply sense something is out there…a piece of the puzzle we need.

See, some people estimate that by mid-2010, close to half of the agent’s in business today will be out of business.

Fortunately you can protect yourself from becoming that statistic. That’s where Interactive Voice Response comes in.

I’ve compiled a list of 15 ideas, tools and strategies involving interactive voice response to help you grow your business in spite of the current economic fallout. Tell me what you think.

1. Target the move up buyer. Strike while the iron is the hottest using interactive voice response and your listing inventory will soar.

2. How to turn multiple transactions a month. Follow these 6 powerful steps to create a stable, low-maintenance monthly flow of leads from renters.

3. Rejection free strategy to listing 1 FSBO a month. This strategy comes from a soft-spoken lady who nearly took over her real estate market with an original, but not new, approach: she was nice.

4. The ultimate listing presentation. This listing presentation closes 19 out of 20 interviews–in your favor. Here’s how to harness its persuasive power.

5. Shutting out competition.  Attract a flood of home buyer leads by learning how to correctly use the single, most potent lead generation source out there.

6. Make your magazine ads produce profits. This may shock you, but homes magazines produce profit. Use ’em right and you could be at the head of a landslide of leads.

7. 5-step maverick secret helps ordinary real estate professionals turn unprofitable direct mail advertising into thousands of dollars a month.

8. Key to listing expireds. Combine this crystal-clear 4-step postcard strategy with your UPS and you could accumulate expired listings almost effortlessly.

9. Four effective keys to contacting pre-foreclosures.  This is prospecting technique using interactive voice response will have astronomical effects on your listing inventory.

10. Buyer ads using interactive voice response that will have your phone ringing off the hook.

11. How to get 300% more sign yard calls. A simple message with three trigger words on a sign rider can compel practically every single hot buyer or seller who sees your sign riders to call you.

12. Slash marketing costs. Learn how to easily track every single response from every single ad with pinpoint accuracy…so you can eliminate those sources that lose money and maximize those sources that make money.

13. Beautiful strategy to snap up listings. How to use every home owners curiosity and pre-occupation with the value of their home to your advantage.

14. Generate FSBO leads for less. Did you know you can generate up to 45 leads a month for under $8? Find out how.

15. The one quality all top producers share. Discover this secret and how top producers leverage interactive voice response to create a career that consistently and predictably generates cash.

That’s all I’ve got. And feel free to add any other ways you’ve used interactive voice response to work with more clients. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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