How to Attract Better Leads…and Almost Instantly Triple Your Conversion Rates!

Which would you prefer?

Lead source #1 - you convert 1-2 listings or sales from every 100 leads. 

Lead source #2 - you convert 3-5 listings or sales from every 100 leads. 

Lead source #3 - you convert 10-15 listings or sales from every 100 leads. 

…seriously it’s not a trick question. 

What’s so counter intuitive about this question is the source with the highest conversion rate is also your least expensive lead source.

Sounds even better, right?

Well, even though the source yielding the most transactions per 100 leads, at the lowest cost, would seem like the clear winner…

Ironically most agents focus on source #1

I know. It sounds completely backwards, doesn’t it?

Why would agents pay more for inferior results?

Candidly, it’s because lead sources #2 and #3 require a little more work.

Now it’s ironic, because we’re only talking about an extra 1-2 hours a week to produce dramatically better results.

However, agents just continue to buy into the “no-work, done-for-you” solutions to lead generation because they just sound so appealing.

You buy or generate leads online, plug them into a follow up system, and voila!

You get instant listings and sales on the other end!

It sounds awesome, right?

The problem is you buy or generate 100 leads at a very high cost, and most of the time you rarely ever talk to those leads.

You call, text, or email them endlessly…only to have them close a transaction with some other agent the vast majority of the time.

Now let’s contrast that against lead sources #2 and #3…

These two sources have the highest conversion rates and are the lowest cost per lead. However, like I mentioned they do require a consistent 1-2 hours a week to implement and maintain.

Also, both sources require a modest understanding of marketing and a basic entry level of sale skills.

What are these two lead sources?

Source #2 is a Call Capture system and Source #3 is our new Power 10X Voice Activated System with "Easy Connect" Technology. Our new "Easy Connect" Technology has you TALKING with 80-90% of your leads instantly!

It’s this ability to connect instantly with 80-90% of your leads that has you converting 10-15 clients out of every 100 leads you generate.

So, rather than talking into voicemail over 90% of the time, like online leads, you’re actually talking with buyers and sellers as they inquire.

This is extremely powerful and the reason for our sky-high conversion rates.

If you talk to prospects immediately, right when they inquire, your chances of converting them to a client go up by over 800%!

Online leads have you getting voicemail over 90% of the time, when you follow up. Our process has you talking with prospects 80-90% of the time.

Which one sounds better to you?

Talk to 80-90% of your leads…while they’re interested?

Or leave voicemail 90% of the time…and never hear from them?

Seems like common sense, right?

However, our approach does take a little more time and effort…

…but in the end, it’ll yield a lot higher conversion, at a much lower cost, producing far more bottom line profits for you!

Like to know how our agents do it?

Here's to your real estate success!

- Gary