Here are Two Crazy Simple Listing Strategies That Cost Almost Nothing!

After 24 years of helping agents generate over 28 million real estate leads it’s extremely rare that a new strategy gets me excited.

Today most things in real estate are simply a sales pitch appealing to agents’ weaknesses, promising amazing production with little to no work or sales skill.

So, if you’re cynical and distrusting, I get it.

I am too!

However, today’s post comes from a private conversation I had with an agent whose team has closed over 500 units a year for 11 consecutive years and two of the strategies that came out are positively BRILLIANT!

The best part is you can use these to double, triple or even quadruple your listing inventory in the second half of 2020…for literally pennies per listing lead.

The first strategy involves leveraging every buyer side transaction you close…to get more listings.

It’s Super Easy!

You put this in your buyer agency agreement and explain it to every client that once you help them find, negotiate, and close on the home of their dreams, you’d like to put a sold sign in their yard for three weeks after closing.

So on the day of closing you go pull the listing agent’s sign out, give it back to them, and put your sign up with a SOLD rider on the top, and a brochure box and rider combo at the curb.

Then you follow that up with Just Sold cards to the neighborhood offering a seller-targeted free report like, “11 Tips to Pass You Next Home Inspection” or “How to Avoid 7 Costly Mistakes When Selling Your Home” that gets them to call or text your Power 10X Voice-Activated System to get that report.

What this does is gives you three weeks of...

Pure Listing Lead Generation GOLD!

Now every neighbor driving by will have your name emblazoned in their mind as the agent who’s selling homes in their neighborhood.

The other, even more important, thing is you keep your flier box full with fliers aimed at sellers in the neighborhood!

The beauty is when a neighbor picks up one of your fliers your Power 10X System will automatically text them a link to your pre-listing video, or you can cross reference the phone number with county records and mail them your pre-listing packet or book.

…or you could take it a step further and use it as a reason to drop by their home and personally deliver your pre-listing package to them.

Isn’t That Awesome?

You’re getting 21 days of pure seller-side marketing GOLD…just by getting permission on the front end with your buyers and putting it in your buyer agency agreement.

Then come closing day…you’re off and running…picking off every other seller lead in and around your client’s new neighborhood.

So, fliers in a flier box, that look like a buyer lead generation tool…NOPE!

You’re getting some of the best quality listing leads anywhere.

Plus, you’re branding yourself, like a red-hot branding iron tattooing your name across the minds of virtually every seller in and around your client’s new neighborhood.

This incredible strategy is literally pennies to deploy, and with a little smart upfront work you can be gearing up to dominate the listing side in the neighborhoods where you’re selling homes!

Which Brings Me to Strategy #2...

This one is even more powerful than the first strategy.

It’s newest best listing source anywhere!

It’s your BUYER LEADS!!!

It may seem counter intuitive, because you view them as “buyer leads”, but the fact is last year, according to the NAR, 46% of buyers had a home to sell.

Stop and really think about that for a moment.

Nearly half of all buyer leads, from whatever source, have a home to sell.

Now here’s the magic…take every buyer lead you generate and immediately begin a seller-side texting campaign.

This takes every buyer lead you generate and makes them massively valuable…IF…you actually do something about it.

Here’s an Incredibly Powerful Example…

With every drive-by lead you generate with our system, you can automatically initiate a seller-side texting campaign.

You can text them a link to your pre-listing video…

You can text them pre-planned text message aimed at seller-side questions…

You can cross-reference the phone number we capture for you with public records, and if they’re a homeowner, VOILA!

Now you’ve got a seller lead you can call, text, or stop by and deliver your pre-listing video, book, or resources.


Step 1 – Get SOLD signs out in front of your client’s newly purchased homes and buy three weeks of pure seller-side marketing GOLD! And use the flier boxes to generate seller leads!


Step 2 – generate more and more “buyer leads” so you can cross-reference them with public records to identify seller opportunities. You’ll find there are typically about 40-50% of your buyer leads are homeowners…meaning they’re going to need to SELL!

Once you’ve identified them, launch into your pre-listing text, call, and door-knocking campaign to deliver your pre-listing materials.

You do these two things well and you’ll easily double, triple or even quadruple your listing side business in the last half of 2020.


For even more strategies that can double, triple or even quadruple your listings ==>> check out our free 14-day free trial to learn other equally powerful buyer and seller lead generation strategies!

…and here’s to your continued real estate success!