How to Get an Extra 3-5 Listing Leads a Week With The Walmart Approach

Would you rather be competing with 1,000’s of agents in your area…or zero?

Simple answer, right?

It’s a lot easier to get a prospect’s attention, stimulate interest, build desire, and then prompt action if you’re the only agent the prospect is seeing, right?

The major challenge with virtually every marketing source you’re using to find and generate listing leads is…

Your Competitors Are Too!

Virtually all your competitors are doing the exact same things!

…Facebook, Google PPC, Retargeting Ads, you name it!

With any of those sources you better have deep pockets and be a brilliant direct marketer to have any hope.

Anymore, those sources are getting so over-crowded, that you’ve got to be a world class copywriter to have any chance of cutting through all that noise.

In fact, the “advertising noise” is getting so loud it’s like you’re trying to have a conversation at a rock concert!

So with all the noise blasted at prospects 24/7 by all your competitors…

What’s Your Edge?

If Facebook, Google PPC, Zillow, Trulia and are all so over-crowded and the noise is so loud…what’s your plan for how to get real estate listings and slice through all that noise to actually compete?

Frankly, I’m a fairly good copywriter, helping over 26,000 agents purchase our services using direct marketing sales copy, but what agents are facing in all these sources is pretty intimidating.

You can spend thousands, and even tens of thousands of dollars online and come up with a complete goose egg.

Agents are constantly telling me things like, “I’m spending $2,000…$3,000…even $4,000 a month or more for Google PPC, Facebook ads, and other online lead sources…and I’m barely breaking even.”

…the crazy part is agents saying that are the better examples.

Most of the agents I talk to are bleeding badly from those sources.

So how do you fix it…

Use The Original Walmart Strategy

In the early days of Walmart, Sam Walton made a strategic decision to “go where the competition isn’t.”

Now obviously Walmart is everywhere today, but in the early days of the company their biggest strategic advantage was building stores in small underserved markets.

That laid the foundation for massive future growth.

Well I encourage you to use a similar strategy. I call it…

“When the Crowd Zigs…You Want to Zag!

A perfect example is a strategy our agents are using to target baby boomers in…(drumroll please)…small local newspapers!


I know, I know.

Everyone else says, “Print is Dead!”…

Well for millennials, who make up 18% of all homes sellers, it might be dead.

However, for baby boomers who make up 54% of the all home sellers it’s alive and well. Boomers will pick up those “throw-away” newspapers in the morning, grab a cup of coffee and browse for 5-10-15 minutes.

Then, when that potential listing prospect sees our agent’s ad, there’s no competition…it’s the only one of its kind.

Our agent has effectively, “gone where the competition isn’t.”

There’s No Competition WhatsoeverNONE!

However, what’s every bit as important as “having no competition” is effectively targeting potential home sellers and getting them to actually pick up their phones and call you.

That’s the key, and to accomplish that it’s a three step process…

Step #1 – ZAG!

The crowd is zigging, overusing Facebook, Google PPC, and other extremely expensive channels that are all getting overrun with competition. So…

You ZAG and “go where the competition isn’t,” like Walmart in the early days.

Step #2 – Target Home Seller’s with a Headline that “Calls Out to Them!”

Once you get in front of a potential seller, through sources your competitors aren’t using, you have to be skillful with your message.

You can’t simply pound your chest with things like, “I’m #1” or “Multi-Million-Dollar Producer” or my personal favorite…

“I Need Listings”


You Need Listings?

If I’m a seller…should I actually care that you need listings?

If I’m a seller…am I supposed to have a concern about what “you need”?

No…not really…unless maybe I’m your mom!

Other than that, sellers don’t give a rat’s fanny what a real estate agent needs!

All they care about is, “What can you do for me?”

…how can you help me sell my home for the most money

…in the least amount of time

…and with the fewest hassles and frustrations possible?

That’s all sellers care about!

What you need is of ZERO interest to them!

So keep your ad copy focused on them because…


For example, here’s a headline from an ad in one of our listing lead generation action plans that works with amazing consistency.

“11 Things You Need to Know to Pass Your Next Home Inspection”

Now think about it…

Who would respond to this ad?

Who would care about passing a home inspection?


You got it.

The person responding this ad is thinking about the selling process.

So you’ve effectively “called out” to that person…now what?

Step 3 – Build Interest, Desire and Then Prompt Action

This is where the rubber really meets the road, because you can get attention, but if you don’t lead them to respond to you…you’ve got nothing!

So here’s where your ad copy has to grab them by the collar and sit them straight up in their chair.

You’ve got to take that tiny spark of Attention you just generated with your headline and lead them through the Interest, Desire, and Action phases of the real estate lead generation sequence.

You ‘ve got to build up their interest, intensify their desire and have them wanting your solution so badly, that they’re willing to pick up the phone and call for an “automated message” to get their free copy of your “special free report” that explains everything.

Yes, this approach has been around for years.

Yes, it’s somewhat “old school.”

…and yes, if you ask 20 other agents about this right now, 19 out of 20 will tell you it doesn’t work.

However, In 2020 I Can Tell You…

Right now…in 2020…they’re wrong.

We’ve got agents generating good quality seller leads every single day.

What’s even better, is I’ve got some who are actually doing it for free.


I discovered it just a few months ago, when I client of ours in an extremely hot market, told me about a simple little test he did in a Penny Saver!


A Penny Saver?

I thought those things were gone!

I didn’t know those free papers even existed anymore.

That’s when he told me, “I’ve been averaging 3-5 listing leads a week using Penny Savers”…


All I could think was, “You’ve got to be kidding, really?”

“Eight Sold Listings and Counting!”

That’s when he further confirmed and said, “Yeah, I’ve been running this ad for over 3 months and it keeps working. About half the leads don’t pan-out, but the other half have turned into eight sold listings and counting.”

Yeah, my response was probably about the same as yours…stunned!

…but it’s true.

It’s pulling in free seller leads for this guy.

Since then I’ve shared it with a small group of agents, and each one who’s found a Penny Saver has had similar success.

One last thing though, not everyone has access to a Penny Saver.

Those types of papers are a dying breed.

However, while they last I’d recommend getting all you can from them.

The other, more sustainable lead source, is the small throw-away papers that survive through paid advertising.

If you have a paper like that in your market, you can run advertorial type ads successfully if you have:

* A proven direct response ad
* You negotiate a reasonable ad rate
* You get the “jump page” upper right corner placement
* You have a system to deliver an “automated message”
* A well-thought-out follow up process
* All the necessary follow up tools and resources
…and consistency

This simple strategy of “going where the competitors isn’t” is extremely powerful and incredibly effective…if you have all your ducks in a row.

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