Simple Mobile App Increases Your Lead Conversion 300-500%


If you’re a real estate agent right now in 2020, you know the pain and frustration of lead generation.

You buy or generate leads at a very high cost…

You call, text or email your leads endlessly…

…yet very few of your leads ever answer their phones.

…or respond to you texts or emails.

You spend large sums of money, invest enormous amounts of time…

Yet very few of your leads ever actually communicate with you, or even acknowledge you.

That’s why lead generation is nowhere close to as profitable as it used to be 5-10 or 15 years ago.

Today you get to spend all that time, energy and money and you’re lucky if you get a 1-2 percent conversion rate.

What that means...

If you’re spending $30 a lead and getting a 1 percent conversion, it’s costing you $3,000 to produce a single listing or sale!!


What's even worse is with conversion rates continuing to get worse, literally by the day, $3,000 per transaction is a completely unsustainable model.


What if with just one small shift you could go back in time 5-10 years, and be getting 5-10 even 15 percent conversion rates or more, like agents used to get 5-10 years ago?

Sounds a bit like a pipe dream, or some shiny new magic pill, doesn’t it?

Well…it’s not.

With one small shift you can instantly make your lead generation efforts massively profitable again. It's called...

“Preemptive Live Connect”

Preemptive Live Connect creates a live conversation with 80-90% of your real estate leads…instantly!

It’s a process that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before in real estate.

It combines lead capture software, speech recognition technology, and a mobile platform called MVR 2.0…

It’s a system that guides your leads through a conversion funnel, has them saying “yes” for additional information, and at the instant they say “yes”…you’re already on the line waiting to answer their questions. So it seamlessly transitions to you for a live conversation.

Again, it’s called Preemptive Live Connect!

It’s incredibly powerful because you’re actually talking with your leads instantly, right while their interest is at a peak and they have questions.

Compare this to any other lead generation process and you’re calling people back and talking into their voicemail the vast majority of the time.

In fact, according to Pew Research, last year over 91% of all outbound calls ended in voicemail or no answer…so capturing leads and calling people back is a process that’s getting worse by the day.

Think I’m Overstating It?

Reflect on your own experiences…

If you call 100 leads right now, how often will you get voicemail or no answer?

Then, on the few occasions where you do get someone on the phone, how many of those people cut you off or hang up?

Contrast that against our new MVR 2.0 mobile app with Preemptive Live Connect…our agents are talking with 80-90% of their leads instantly, right when the prospect has questions and their interest is at a peak.

It’s a revolutionary new process that can have you converting 5-10, even 15 percent of your leads or more. In fact, in one of our case studies one agent converted over 26% of his leads into closings…actual commission checks!

So no, this isn’t a magic pill or a pipe dream. It’s a new process that positions you to be talking with the best prospects in real estate instantly, while they’re hot and they’re interest is at a peak.

This breakthrough system and mobile app are a game changing development.

But Don’t Take My Word for It…

Simply sign up for our 14-day free trial and check it out for yourself.

Our 14-day free trial gives you complete unrestricted access to everything we offer…software, speech recognition technology, our new mobile platform, and all the sales and marketing materials to implement our 8 buyer and seller lead generation action plans.

However, the most important part is you’ll be talking with leads LIVE…as they inquire…and while their interest is at a peak and they have questions.

That’s the reason you’ll convert 5-10 times more than typical internet leads.

Again, it’s our Preemptive Live Connect…

…but again, don’t take my word for it, just sign up for our 14-day free trial and take our complete system for a 14-day, 100%-free, test drive.

…and as you’re testing things out, if you have questions please let us know.

Here’s to your continued success!