“Why Should I List with You?”
[Great Answer]

Imagine your next listing appointment…

…it’s an awesome home.

…the sellers are highly motivated.

…and this listing would be a huge win for you, because it’s right in the heart of an area where you’d like to become the dominant player.

The sellers are cordial.

They show you around.

…and then they drop the bomb!

They inform you they’ve been talking with the top agent in your market.

The husband turns to you and asks, “So why should I list with you, over Bob Smith, who’s the top agent in this market?”

So What’s Your Response?

Are you fired up?

Are you filled with anticipation?

…just chomping at the bit to compete nose-to-nose with Mr. or Ms. #1?

…or are you thinking, “DAMN…why am I even here?”

Interestingly, the second response is what our clients inspire in other agents.

Quite often, when other agents find out they’re competing with a client of ours, they just cancel the appointment and don’t even bother trying to compete.

Granted, these agents have built a killer reputation that causes other agents to just cave in and walk away.

That type of reputation can sometimes take years to develop.

However, we hear stories all the time from new clients who don’t have that type of reputation yet, who are winning listings away from other top agents consistently. And…

It’s Not a Fluke!

…or some inside relationship that’s doing it either.

It’s a very well-rehearsed presentation that clearly articulates (and demonstrates) our client’s Unique Selling Proposition, or USP.

It’s a presentation that, in very clear terms, shows sellers how and why our agent has a unique advantage that other agents can’t match.

When asked the question, “Why should I list with you?” our agents light up with excitement and can’t wait to show sellers what they’ve got.

It’s a marketing system and process that pinpoint targets the sellers’ “most important potential buyers.”

It’s a system less than 1 in 100 agents in your market have access to.

And it’s a system, where even the 1 in 100 with something “sort of like this”…those agents don’t have the slightest clue how to present it…NO CLUE!

So It’s Truly Unique!

…because no other agent can match the impact you create with your sellers.

Everyone else is presenting in a passive way.

They’re telling the sellers things…and showing them things.

Our clients actually get sellers physically involved in their presentation…in a way that actually demonstrates their value to the sellers.

This process is a little bit like a “stage production” because it has…

…a “screen play”

…a “main character”

…and your surprising “star moment” that builds and creates a very real emotional impact on your sellers.

These are the elements that slice through all the noise in your market and…

It Makes You Memorable!

Would you like to know how can you replicate it?

Listen to this short recording and imagine using this approach in your next listing appointment.

I guarantee you it will help you seal the deal!

Talk soon,

P.S. Would you like to use this presentation on your next listing appointment?