Stop Throwing Away Your Best Leads…

How to Exploit Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool... Attract The Best Buyers and Sellers First... and Do It All for Pennies Per Lead!

Did you know?…

According to NAR, people driving up in front of your listings are the best marketing leads in real estate. They want to buy…AND…last year 46% of those same people had a home to sell too!

…but the challenge is how do you reach out to them?

…how do you engage them?

…what can you do to get them to CALL YOU FIRST?

Right now, they drive up, pull up your listing on Zillow or, and just drive away and you’ve got NOTHING!

…a big fat ZERO!

How do you bust out of this cycle, of the big real estate sites stealing your leads, and you grab that buyer/seller’s attention and get them to open up a real live conversation with you?

It’s actually quite easy. In fact…

It's The #1 EASIEST Way To Get The Best Listings in Almost Any Area

…and here’s the utterly ridiculous part, many of your uniformed real estate colleagues will tell you it doesn’t work.

They’ll say, “Why in the world would someone call or text for info, when they can just look the house up on Zillow?”

Here’s why…

…because you’re going to make it easier to respond to you, by using the same emotional drivers they use to steal your leads right out from under your nose.

In fact, do you know the #1 reason prospects use Zillow, Trulia or

According to page 59 of the latest NAR Buyer and Seller Generational Trends report 87% of the reason prospects use those big web sites is…

Based on the vast amounts of data NAR collects, the most compelling marketing content in real estate is…PHOTOS!!!

Photos are #1! They’re your most potent marketing resource and your hottest prospect trigger.

So how do you leverage photos to beat Zillow at their own game and at the same time generate the highest quality listing leads in your market?

It begins with 94% of all real estate searches start online. Both buyers and sellers start their search and research online.

However, the far more important question you need to ask is…

What Do They Do Next?

The reason this is such an important question is it’s at this precise moment, when prospects are taking their next step, that you’ve got a very powerful strategic advantage over Zillow, Trulia or…IF…

…you know exactly what to do and how to do it.

See it’s at this one single solitary point in time that you can quickly and easily cut all the big web sites completely out of the picture.

So what do prospects do next, after they’ve gone online?

For that answer let’s look at page 47 of that same NAR report…

So the #1 thing more than 3 out of 4 prospects do after searching online is they get in their cars and go drive by homes!

Isn’t That Amazing?

After going online the very next step is driving by the home!

More than 3 out 4 amazingly HOT prospects are jumping in their cars, and it’s right at this precise moment that you can smash Zillow, Trulia, and, like a blood-sucking mosquito, and deliver the fatal blow!

However it’s right here where…

Nearly 100% of Agents Completely BLOW IT!

It’s at this single solitary point in time that you’ve got your hand on the guillotine and can slice their lousy lead-stealing heads off…

In fact, it’s the ONLY time throughout this entire sequence of events, from initial online search, clear through to closed transaction, that you’ve got such a commanding position and can cut them off at the knees.

However, if you don’t know what to do, or how to do it, they’ll just continue stealing your leads right out from under your nose and selling them to one of your competitors.

The worst part is when agents have this phenomenal advantage, they just roll over and submit to Zillow, letting them win without putting up even the slightest bit of a fight for the prospect, as if they have no control.

Well that’s complete and utter baloney!

Because right in this moment, when these amazingly valuable prospects are in their cars, you can totally and completely kick their butts!

In fact, it’s actually quite simple…

Step #1 – Appeal to the Exact Same Wants and Desires They Use to Steal Your Leads!

If prospects want photos, detailed information and pricing… GIVE THEM PHOTOS, DETAILED INFO and PRICING!

However, rather than just giving away all your ammunition, use these key points of understanding to entice your prospects.

Use your prospect’s desires to trigger a response! You want to get their Attention, build Interest, amp up their Desire…and then prompt Action.

It’s the proven AIDA formula.

Then it’s onward to…

Step #2 – Make It Easier to Respond to YOU Than Zillow!

In this moment, when they’re in their car looking at homes, you’ve got to make it completely frictionless. You want to make it so easy to respond to you that they don’t even think about Zillow, Trulia or

And then…

Step #3 – For Pete’s Sakes Don’t Distract the Prospect!

When you’ve got their attention for a second…don’t screw it up!

All you want to do is get them on the phone, connect with them and have a good quality conversation, and then move that conversation to a face-to-face meeting as fast as humanly possible…

Make sense?

Plus here’s another amazingly valuable EXTRA BONUS with these ready-to-do-something-right-now “drive-by” prospects…

46% of Them Have a Home to Sell!!!



Again, it’s all buried in the NAR Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report. That report is filled with some amazing insights!

On page 24 it says that 46% of buyers “owned their previous residence.”

In other words they “sold” it, which by direct inference means…46% of buyers have A HOME TO SELL!!!

Here’s a screenshot of that page…

So when we’re talking about the amazing quality of these “drive-by” prospects, please understand we’re NOT just talking about buyer leads here…46% of the time these are LISTING LEADS!

Now let me show you how you can capitalize on this amazing opportunity.

Here’s a brochure done our way…

Slow down and look real close at this brochure.

Pay particularly close attention to all the subtle little details.

Notice how we put photos (87%) front and center?

Then there’s the promise of detailed information (84%)?

And then the last incredibly important psychological hook, or emotional trigger we use to real them in, is current “up-to-the-minute” pricing.

Now really consider the psychology and precise language of this brochure

We’re very quietly taking advantage of a deeper understanding of your prospect’s behavior, and our timing is absolutely perfect. We’re engaging your prospect right at the perfect point in their actual sales cycle.

That’s why we call these “perfectly-timed live conversations.”

Again, we know they search online, proceed to drive by homes, and then with this brochure in their hands we’re able to effortlessly set the hook.

Make sense?

So the first reason our flyer will have you beating the pants off of Zillow is we’re appealing to your prospect’s strongest desires.

The second reason our flyer will have you taking back control is your carefully crafted marketing message will fly into your prospect’s radar at the absolute perfect time.

We’ve all heard that “timing is everything” right?

Well in this invisible tooth-and-nail battle for the prospect, you’re going to deliver the knock out blow to Big Z by having the absolute perfect “sales cycle timing” on your side.

Then the third reason our flyer will have you busting up The Big Three “Lead Cartel” is it employs one of the most powerful laws of influence and sales psychology, “The Law of Scarcity.”

This is what Dr. Robert Cialdini wrote about in his groundbreaking book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

In that book he lays out the six universal laws of persuasion. These laws are THE primary drivers in virtually every speech, marketing campaign, or any sales message that compels people to take action.

This is one of those subtle little moves, a key psychological trigger, that over 99.9% of your competitors won’t have the slightest clue. They won’t recognize it. They won’t perceive it. And they simply will not get it.

But what our flyer does, with the words “up-to-the-minute pricing,” is it subtly implies an exclusive channel to the latest “insider information.”

…i.e. “The Law of Scarcity!”

… 🙂 I know!

It’s kind of tricky, isn’t it?

It’s like we’re playing secret little Jedi mind tricks!

Well if you’re fighting with the likes of Zillow, who wants to steal every last dime they possibly can from you, and they’re extremely smart to boot, you better bring your A-game, right?

However, we’re not done yet!

I’ve got one more golden nugget for you… 😉

This process, this “simple little brochure” that’s been through tens-of-thousands of tests, split tests, and comparisons, works like your own personal marketing Stealth Bomber because absolutely no one in your market sees it coming…no one!

Your competitors think it’s old-school. So you will have a wide open playing field to exploit this for months and years to come.

The best part is prospects respond to you over all the other “apps” out there because it’s smoother, simpler and easier for them to get what they want.

And with the way we channel their response, the biggest benefit is you get to TALK with nearly every prospect RIGHT UP FRONT!

Plus, you’ve got the added benefit that these are THE BEST LISTING LEADS in real estate!

In over 24 years of working with real estate agents, I’ve never seen a more potent opportunity for you to harvest both buyer and seller leads with your curbside marketing done like this!

And candidly, if you don’t market like this, Zillow, Trulia and will just continue to win by default, end of story.

However, right now, today you can change all of that!

Want to know how?

Sign up for our 14-day free trial and we’ll be happy to walk you through the entire process step-by-step.

Together we can kick Zillow, Trulia and’s butts…get signed up now and together let’s help you take back control!

All the best,
Gary Elwood
Proquest Technologies, Inc.