The Easy Way to List FSBOs and Expireds

Ever approach a FSBO or an Expired and they completely shut you down?

It’s because they’re sick of the typical sales approach.

Want a new and better way to have real success with FSBOs and Expireds?


GIVE before trying to GET!

That’s one of the many things that makes the Proquest Technologies system great for working with For Sale By Owners (and Expireds) is that you’re able to approach them from a place of contribution and not from a place of…sign here on the dotted line so I can list your home…the “typical sales approach”.

You give them something of value…and you do the work for them.

You hand them our plug-n-play FSBO tool kit.

You set up an extension for them.

You take some great pictures of their home and help them create a flier that will show the highlights of their home, from the templates we provide you.

Give them a sign rider that is specific to their home.

Sit back and let the calls come in.

Here’s the benefit to them…

They have the power of a call capture program giving them leads sent directly to their email that they wouldn’t have had access to previously. Give them your word that you won’t reach out to those leads for at least 24 hours.

The benefit is they get access to reach out to these leads before you ever touch them. After that, you’re able to follow up with those leads because it’s possible that they were looking for something different than the FSBO.

Now…how does this apply to Expired listings?

People are cautious…and they should be. What if you were able to present the FSBO program option to Expired listings…but with an added bonus for both of you?

Do the same thing to list their home. Provide the use of your Proquest Technologies system.

You will do the same foundational work…set up the extension, create the fliers, put them in the flier box.

Here’s the magic…

This time you are the one to process all the calls that come in through the system. If you have someone that’s interested, before you set the appointment, they have to go to a lender, preferably one that you have partnered with on the system.

Prior to the appointment, they have to show you a pre-approval letter before they can gain entry to the Expired home.

What does this mean?

Safety, Safety, Safety…forget location, location, location.

If you let random people through their home, you can’t fully verify that they have the ability to purchase a home to begin with. Pre-approval saves that. This greatly reduces the number of people going through their home.

The best part is this system provides you with a list of pre-approved buyers that have already jumped through some initial hoops saving you time on the front end.

Even better, according to NAR, 46% of all buyers have a home to SELL!

So, it’s a simple path to super high-quality buyers…AND SELLERS!

It’s a DOUBLE WIN for you!

In closing, think CONTRIBUTION…not “typical sales”.

When you call an Expired client with this amazing offer, you aren’t just listing their home, you’re providing them with an alternate solution that protects them, their home, their family’s safety and you as well.

How’s that for contribution?

Go forth and… GIVE before trying to GET!

Here's to your success,