How to be a Shining Light and “The Trusted Source” in Your Community

Watch...then read below.


The Crash of 2007 and 2008


Whenever something happens statewide, country-wide, or worldwide, we all have one singular choice. That choice is how we react.

Remember 1999 when so many people were afraid that all the computer systems would shut down the world as we knew it because of Y2K?

Remember when the Mayan calendar predicted that the end of the world was upon us…I’m happy to say I remember it, but not the date…or the year.

We are now emerging from a worldwide event that begs the question…“How will you react?”

We've seen stores depleted of necessities. We've seen polarized views of how politicians and leadership react and make policy changes to accommodate this “new normal.”

We will see all kinds of new things becoming part of our regular lives…praising heroes and those on the front lines, valuing service workers, social distancing, the phrase “new normal”, memes on masks, the nation’s obsession with Tic Tok, talk shows being shown from home on Zoom meetings…the list goes on.

Here’s how this applies to you, the real estate professional. We are…YOU ARE Essential. Regardless of what the nation faces, buying and selling homes continues in every place.

How that’s done may change.

What the closing process looks like may change.

How mortgages are granted may change.

But people will always need a place to live and how you react to this pandemic will shine a light on what kind of professional you are.

How you react and adapt during this time of "reopening the economy" will also dictate how much business you do in the future.

When the market crashed in 2007 and 2008, many real estate agents fled the industry and pursued other careers. Those that stayed did well. Those that adapted to the REO/Short Sale and Foreclosure world also did well.

Here’s the application for you now…with your Proquest Technologies platform, you have a voice and the power to become a leader in your community.

You can set up extensions for people that need to buy and sell a home. That will never change with this platform.

You can also set up extensions to provide information on where to go for much needed aid and assistance.

You can set up extensions for drop off locations for food, clothing, masks, etc.

Extensions for help for the elderly.

Extensions for restaurants reopening, that have been barely scraping by.

Extensions for shout outs…have people call in and give a shout out to the heroes they’ve connected with…post those extensions all over social media and let their voices be heard through your platform.

Extensions for Good News reports.

Extensions for affirmations, quotes, links to happy YouTube videos.

Extensions for National Disaster Preparedness.

Extensions for new quarantine recipes that were successes.

The potential goes on and on and on.

Will any of this lead to the bottom line profitability of your income? Maybe. Maybe not. But what it does is it makes you the voice, the face the connecting point in your community.

Will it cost you anything extra to do any of that…not a penny. You have 1,000 extensions at your fingertips. Use them.

I hope you watched the video and remembered the line, “The only thing to fear is fear itself.” When your community sees how you respond to this situation, they will react accordingly. If they see you standing strong, that gives hope that they can as well.

This gives your community a glimpse as to the person you are. The character you have. And when this is over…which it will soon be over, you will be standing as a light and trusted source in your community.

Here's to your success!