Open Houses & Showings…Gone Forever?

Are Open Houses a thing of the past?

Showings gone forever?

No to both. That’s a bit on the dramatic side.

We are all having to deal with things in a way that we have never done before. We are all having to come up with creative solutions to maintain our lives, our jobs and frankly, our sanity as well.

The video we linked to below is not an endorsement of a specific brand, but it does offer you a solution.

Proquest Technologies is in its 25th year. We have believed in the integration of other technologies along with our system to create a well-rounded real estate business. That holds true, even more so today.

Many states have opened up, but people still are looking for alternative ways to remain safe and still function.

We integrate with most CRM’s. We’ve done that for years.

We can also help you with virtual tours…virtual Open Houses…virtual anything you want. This is just an example of how to use a Matterport camera.

When you create a virtual tour, link to it through your Proquest system.

Create a "Recorded & Text Info - 24 Hours" extension…

Example...Ext. 200

Title...123 Main Street Open House

Recorded Message:  Are you looking for a beautiful home in an established neighborhood with tree-lined streets? Look no further. 123 Main is a beautiful home that…

Make sure your extension recording is between 30-45 seconds. Then use your prompts to create live conversations…

Use “Say Yes” Prompt:  Would you like additional photos, current up-to-the-minute pricing, or a video tour of this home, if so, say yes.

If you are available:  Your system calls you and gets you on the line seconds before your prospect says, “yes”. This transitions into a live conversation 80-90% of the time.

If you are not available:  Your system auto-texts your prospect info, captures your lead, and drops the lead into your CRM….for you to follow up later.

When can't answer your phone and have a live conversation with your lead, your prospect hears your "Send a Text Message" prompt that says,  “A text message with a link to photos, current pricing, and a virtual tour is being sent. As a courtesy, our pricing assistant will contact you shortly, to ensure you received the proper information. Thank you for calling.”

Here's a sample text message your prospect will receive.

Thank you for your interest in 123 Main Street. For photos, current pricing, and a virtual tour go to:

This keeps you current and keeps your business open and ready to serve.

...and find out how you can get our service free!

Here's to your continued success!