How Would You Answer This Question?

Okay, something a little different today. In as many words as you need, answer this question:

Why are you in real estate?
I’ll go first.

Over my 25 years in sales the single biggest thing I’ve always struggled with is cold prospecting. I’ve always hated it with a passion. And how many potentially good real estate agents punish themselves and die a slow miserable sales death because they can’t get themselves to do it? In Feb. 95′ I came across what I now do: a way to generate hundreds of warm inbound leads without cold calling. I thought: can it really be this easy? I have to share this. And have been at it for the last 12 years.

I limited myself to 100 or less words, but you don’t have to. I set that limitation because I didn’t want this to be about me. I wanted it to be about your story.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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Ruby Zuniga

I’m in Real Estate because my Father and Brother were cheated to, and lied to from a “Realtor” friend of my Dad and Mom. My parents trusted this agent with their life. This agent used my Dads Credit had him sign for a what was to be the closing documents to the purchase of their home. My parents signed…not asking questions. Turned out to be, that the agent did something illegal…to this day I don’t know exactly what happened. On the day of closing my Dad and Brother went to get the keys to the home, and yes the keys were given to them. People were still living in the home, according to the Realtor… they were tenants. After the Tenants moved out, the agent moved in the home and told my dad that she was going to clean it up for them. She never moved out. My dad finally spoke to another agent and they told him that the property was not in his name. It was under the Agents Name. My Dad and brother lost their money, about $10,000.00 in the early 90’s. I made up my mind that I would not let that same scenario happen to anybody else. (on a side note – my Dad new the agents husband and she filed for divorce… they had several apartment buildings and she forged her husbands signature and transfered all to her name only. The husband got sick and she sent him to an adult care facility. The agents beloved sons lived with her a total of 2 sons, one of them was actually involved in a car accident right around the corner of her “home” the one that was purchased by my dad and brother. The accident was a fatal one.)

Gary Elwood

That is an absolutely amazing story, Ruby. And what a great response, where you decided to turn a bad situation into a good one. I wonder how many other stories like that are out there.

jackson stieb

I’ve always been a sales type person… but really we all are in our own way… everyone is the same… just that some like to sale cars and homes and igits more than others… but when something means so much to you… think back when you lied ur ass off to ur teacher, familey, friends.. etc… it mattered at that tiime… we are all the same when it comes to the basics of sale…..Now… to the good ones… it is all about people… everyone wants something. Talk to people and keep talking soon they will ask what it is that you do… now u have a sale… cold calling doens’t have to be about a “line u tell someone’ then ur the same as the cheezzy sales person” be who u are and u will get sales… if u have to go in more than once and build the relationship… isn’t that what we are doing anyways? If you not busy saling any real estate than u have time to be in the store visiting until u get the leads to sale then u don’t need to worry because ur selling….ha

jackson stieb

AS I talk about on my web site I treat people as freinds and they are in my life for life… I explain my whole approach to my “sales” if u want to call it that…


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