Monday Social Marketing Mashup: Facebook

In the following weeks I’m going to zero in on some of the Web 2.0 technology for real estate agents. Each post will aggregate all of the favorite links out there on each application.

This week, Facebook.

The definitive post on Facebook and real estate: Marketing real estate on Facebook. Isn’t this the bottom line?

The future of real estate marketing through social networking is now. (via.)

Facebook could make or break real estate.Or Joel Burslem thinks.

If you haven’t heard yet: Facebook deliver authentic consumers, rather than faceless “uniques” and can do so in specific niches.

It was an exclusive in April of this year: Facebook may launch local classifieds.

Using Facebook as a Real Estate Collection Source. Another Burslem screed.

The web’s most comprehensive marketing and advertising engine for real estate professionals, Point2, creates Facebook real estate app.

Drew Meyers at Zwillow says you can add zestimates to Facebook.

Just for grins: Creepy discovery on Facebook.

In conclusion: hyper-targeted advertising is the holy grail of online advertising. Social networks like Facebook and social media can deliver that more accurately than a portal or destination site.

So, do you use Facebook? If so, is it all its cracked up to be? Or is it just trumped up hype by tech pundits and fringe agents?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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