10 Must-Read Post on Great Real Estate Negotiating Ideas

This finishes out our 4-part series I started on New Year’s Day that focused on the four critical areas of real estate success: sales, prospecting, listing and negotiating.

Today we’ll deliver 10 most-read posts on great real estate negotiating ideas. And don’t forget: take your time reading through these articles. It will only be an investment of 30 minutes, but if you can add at least $1,000 to your bottom line because of an idea you learned…don’t you think it will be worth it?


10 Must-Read Posts on Great Real Estate Negotiating Ideas

 How to Concede Smart and Avoid These 3 Mistakes

When it comes to making concessions in negotiations, here’s a good rule of thumb: If you are going to concede in the opening rounds of a negotiation, concede small. In other words, avoid these three mistakes… Read more.

A Sly Negotiation Tactic to Get What You Want

In football, when you want to give your opponent the feeling that you are moving in one direction but planning on going in another direction, you give them a head fake. That is, you lean your head in one direction… And once your opponent commits to that direction, you go the other direction. The same is true in negotiations. Read more.

How to Stop Ridiculous Buyer Offers

In the throes of a housing market meltdown, ridiculous buyer offers are abundant. Here’s an example… Read more.

Six Effective Ways to Win More Negotiations

A very rich man once said that getting wealthy wasn’t complex. There were just a handful of basics he had to master. The same is true with negotiations. Master these six rules of negotiations and you’ll stand to get win-win agreements nearly every time. Read more.

Nine Dead Simple Ways to Persuade People

“Show business is not hard. It’s all just basic Dale Carnegie stuff,” Jay Leno once said in a Selling Power magazine interview. Easy enough for Leno to say. The thing you should know, though, is that Leno’s back-of-the-napkin statement is supported by decades of smooth, polite and consistent relationship building. And nine easy-to-follow techniques. Read more.

5 Proven Tips to Help you Negotiate in a Buyer’s Market

Before the dismal collapse of the housing market, negotiation skills weren’t quite as important as they are now. In many cases, all you had to do was put the house on the market with a reasonable price and get out of the way. Things have changed. And won’t get better any time soon. Read more.

Why Breaking This Childish Habit Would Be an Ugly Mistake

It’s often not until your child is grown that you appreciate some of their childish habits. Take persistence, for example. If you have children, especially teenagers, you know that sometimes you may give in to their demands just to be able to get on with your life. The same tactic works quite well in the business world. Read more.

Negotiation Tips for the Obscenely Timid Real Estate Agent

Does the thought of negotiating make your throat go dry? Palms sweat? Heart hammer your rib cage? If so, you’re not alone. But don’t try to fix that and you will never succeed. Here’s what you need to do. Read more.

The Oldest Negotiating Trick in the Book

This negotiating trick is a timeless classic. It’s something Aristotle taught Greek lawyers in 300 BC. And it’s something lawyers are still learning today. What is it? Read more.

How to Create, Build and Protect a Fearsome Negotiating Reputation

What does Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla have to do with negotiation reputations…and fearsome ones at that? Well, it turns out a lot. Read more.

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