10 Must-Read Posts on Great Prospecting Ideas

On New Year’s Day I mentioned I was going to start a short 4-part series that concentrate on the four critical areas of real estate success: sales, prospecting, listing and negotiation.

Each post in the series will share with you the top ten posts we’ve written on that topic.

Today I’ll focus on prospecting.

Remember, you actually have to read these articles and then put their ideas into practice if you want to take 2012 by storm!

But because you’re reading this I’m certain that’s what you’ll do, so sit back, sip some coffee and get ready to read some hard-hitting articles on real estate prospecting.

10 Must-Read Posts on Great Prospecting Ideas

What Can George Orwell Teach You about Generating Leads in a Sluggish Market? 

George Orwell, the English author of 1984, Animal Farm and other classics, has six rules of writing. You need to know this: These rules are all gems and can turn you into a ruthless copywriter. A killer blogger. A writer with dangerous copy chops. But what do they have to do with generating leads? Simple. Use these rules when writing ads and you’ll create tight little advertisements that boost your conversion. Read more.

3 Rules to Real Estate Marketing Success

People are self-interested. That means they don’t care about the car you drive. How many houses you sold. The number of awards you’ve won. What school you went to. Who you work for or how long you’ve been in the business. All they want to know is this… Read more.

36-Year Veteran Explains Her Mouth-Watering Success

Lisa Burridge is a lot like you: She’s a real estate agent who wants nothing more than to succeed. That was true 26 years ago when she decided to get into real estate. And it’s still true today. The only difference between then and now? Twenty-six years ago Lisa was making $6 an hour and working up to 18 hours a day… Read more.

Need a Damn Good Referral System to Save Your Career?

Ever wonder why you seem to run into the same deal-destroying problems with prospects? Or hear the same bridge-burning complaints from your clients? Or maybe you’d simply be happy to learn how to find clients who always walk away satisfied after a transaction with you. Think about it: what’s it worth to you to find and nurture a handful–say, I don’t know, 100–clients who love you to death? Read more.

How to Become Highly Prosperous in a Shaky Market

Up to this point your ways of working may have been successful. But here’s something to think about: What can you, as a real estate agent, do that would challenge the status quo, overturn your market or even persuade a competitor’s client to work with you? Read more.

Lead Generation Strategies: Seeker-Oriented v. Attract Oriented

Last year Baylor researchers asked real estate agents, “When it comes to lead generation–what works?” These researchers discovered two things. Read more.

9 Things That Make Emails Seriously Effective for Prospecting

Despite the endless talk about social media–Twitter or Facebook, for example–-emails are still the workhorse of online prospecting. Here’s why.Read more.

What Do Journalism and Real Estate Prospecting Have in Common?

Prospecting has a lot in common with journalism. For instance, journalists are always approaching strangers. They’re always asking a lot of questions. And they’re interested in learning the truth. And, just like in journalism, a good prospector has to understand the 5W’s. Read more.

The Claude Hopkins Guide to Real Estate Prospecting

Here’s the deal. In the book My Life in Advertising“, Claude Hopkins tells a great story about a gloomy copywriter named Powers–a story with implications of everything you’re working right now, today… Read more.

Follow Up: Why Targeted Repetition Works So Well

As every great agent knows, it’s your consistency that will make the difference in making any follow-up program work. Even if you borderline on obnoxious. Understand, I don’t mean you have to be a jerk…but you may have to be that agent who refuses to “take a hint”. Read more.

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