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Today I thought I would gather up some historical posts you might have missed that will help you generate real estate marketing ideas–and get that prospecting machine humming again.

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Why You Need to Know How Permission Marketing Has Changed

Seth Godin wrote an industry-defining book called Permission Marketing back in 2000. He taught us that in order to succeed we needed to turn strangers into friends and then turn those friends into customers.

Ever since the advertising landscape has been changed. Are you asking people for permission to advertise and market to them? Read more.

How to Use Your MLS System for Growing Profits Every Week, Month and Year

I love those conversations with clients where you are vibrating with excitement as they share an amazing new strategy. In this particular case the strategy was on how to use your MLS system’s auto updating capabilities. At the time of the conversation I knew it would be a money-maker. And it still is. Read more.

7 Correct Ways Real Estate Agents Use Social Media

Social media like blogs and Twitter blew up on the scene so fast that you and I hardly had a chance to learn how to correctly use them. This little guide will teach you things like what a good real estate blog looks like, how to spot an influential social media marketer and what makes a successful online networker. Read more.

The Most Powerful Marketing Mantra

Over the last 50 years buying and selling a home has become a very complex procedure. Bylaws after bylaws and regulations after regulations have been piled onto the process that it can be overwhelming to just think about.

No surprise that many people look to real estate agents to help them buy or sell. With that in mind, here’s a great little mantra you can use to keep you motivated and headed to success: Read more.

A Sure-Fire Way to Keep People from Using the Competition

Do you give a lot of thought to customer retention? Or do you spend all of your time worrying about the next deal? Or the next lead? Did you know that you could actually keep a whole lot more business if you just followed up on past customers? Read more.

How You Can Achieve Your Greatest Desire

We’ve all got dreams of being a superstar in real estate–even if we sheepishly say all we really want to do is just pay the bills, buy a modest boat or stash away some cash for the kid’s college. That’s not such a bad thing to dream about. And this article will help you on your way. Read more.

What Barak Obama’s Acceptance Speech Can You Teach You about Marketing

Barack Obama’s chief marketing strategist during the 2008 election has a lot he can teach you about marketing. He was, after all, one of the reasons that Obama–the first black American president–was elected. Read more.

Why Your Advertising Never Works–and What to Do about It

If you are spending your entire weekends creating a postcard for a new listing, sending that postcard out on Monday only to have it sink like a lead weight, then there are a few fundamental lessons you need to learn about advertising. Read more.

The 2 Most Productive Lead Generation Activities in Real Estate

You got to love it when a group of  Baylor University researchers prove what you’ve been saying all along: referrals and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology rank as the top two most productive lead generation activities in real estate. Read more.

Take Advantage of This Psychological Buyer Quirk to Help You Sell Any House Now

It’s 2012 and we are still in a buyer’s market. True, some areas are starting to recover as inventory drops, but for the most part if you have a house to sell–you are not going to be able to ask for the full price and get many–if any–bids on the home. However, there is a technique that uses the way a buyer thinks that can help you sell just about any home. Read more.

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