Follow Up: Why Targeted Repetition Works So Well

As every great agent knows, it’s your consistency that will make the difference in making any follow-up program work. Even if you borderline on obnoxious.

Understand, I don’t mean you have to be a jerk…but you may have to be that agent who refuses to “take a hint”.

If someone calls you–whether via your 800 hotline call capture line or simply your office phone–they are indicating that they are interested. And if they are interested, its your duty to follow up with them to see whether they need more information.

Here are a couple ways of doing that.

1. Create a policy with yourself or your team to make hotline follow-up calls in less than thirty minutes.

2. Write, rehearse and memorize follow-up scripts. This alone will help you lower your call reluctance.

3. Capture every prospects’ home address over the phone. Even if they have all the information they need, ask them if it’s okay to get their home address so you can mail them a report or article.

4. Plug all prospects who are farther out in the buying or selling cycle into a monthly service newsletter like Service For Life.

5. Flat out just keep calling to get an appointment.

6. If you get their voice mail, leave a provocative message: “Hi Cal. Listen, I have a copy of your home listing from the MLS and have a question for you. Could you call me back at…” But be careful: your question better be honest. The last thing people want to be bothered with is a bait-and-switch question.

Without argument, the agent who is the most consistent with follow-up calls will be the winner. I don’t think anyone would disputte that.

And the best way to build consistent, targeted repetition into your individual program is to schedule it. Do this work the same time each day, everyday and you will find that the consistency becomes a habit and eventually that habit will reap massive rewards. You can bet the farm on that.

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