Discover How to Boost Sales by Using a Few Simple Social Scientist Tools

If you understand people then you understand real estate.

Because if it’s been said once, it’s been said a million times: real estate is a people business. And oh how much easier work and life would be if we just understood people.

Yes, humans are terribly complex, often unpredictable and sometimes just plain difficult. There’s the client who insists on knowing everything (and I mean everything) you do as you go about selling his house. Enough to drive some Realtors absolutely bonkers.

Then there’s your buyer’s agent who doesn’t tell you anything unless you pry it out of her with a crowbar.

People. You just never know.

I really believe real estate is a people business, then any effort you make at better understanding yourself and how others tick will make your business flow and your bank account grow.

And fortunately social scientists have developed tools that can help you shed light on the mystery of human behavior and get a better handle on personalities—yours and others.

Next post we will explore some of these great tools.

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