Social Media Habits for Introverts

Like I said last week, extroverts are really, really good at social media. They get it instantly as if social media was made for them.

Just think Greg Swann. Or Burslem.

Then there’s the rest of us. The introverts. The quite ones. Who, well, can become pretty vocal when you put us behind a laptop or iPhone.

What can happen is that someone who is typically a wall-flower becomes the life of the social media cocktail party. Maybe even the aggravating boor who won’t shut up.

No doubt their are pitfalls in social media that all personalities can fall prey to. But I think one of the worse ones is to launch a social media campaign [you know, join Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube] all in one day…

And then abandoned it four weeks later.

When people visit those places you’ve set up, it’s like a ghost town. Where did everybody go? Don’t do that. Especially if you want to gain some traction in your social media efforts.

Instead, follow these eleven habits of highly successful social media introverts.

1. Don’t spend too much time on it.
Commit to just 15 minutes a day…just like you would if you were cold calling. And then do it. Everyday. [Except the weekend. You need a break, you know?] If you find you need more time, the following week bump it up to 20 minutes a week.

2. Invite people to join you.
If you wait for people to follow or friend you, you’re going to be waiting for a very long time. Hunt people down. Follow them. And say hi.

3. Share things you like.
Be true to yourself. Don’t try to impress people. Social media like Twitter and Facebook are about one percent business and ninety-nine percent fun. Have fun. This is not only web 2.0, but Business 2.0.

4. Analyze your results.
You’ve heard the saying: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t grow it.” Well here are ten ways to measure social media.

5. Find the key players in the network.
Don’t find a marketing person, find someone who knows lots of marketing people and then invite that person to join you. And bend over backwards to bring value to that person.

6. Attend events.
Yeah, that’s right. Stand up, close the laptop and go to a local Tweet-Up. Can’t wait to get invited to one? Organize your own Tweet-Up.

7. Seek out structure.
Sometimes you need to plan a theme for your social media day. Or week. Focus on one topic. Maybe it’s a featured home or event or giveaway (people like free stuff). That way you’ll gain some traction.

8. Avoid the crowds.
Instead of spam-following people (joining one thousand people in one day, which will probably get you banned anyway) systematically join people who you think you’d enjoy following and would enjoy following you. Being deliberate is important.

9. Prepare what to say.
Some people may not like this, but feel free to put together a dozen or so things you’d like to say on Facebook or Twitter and then share them in one frantic fifteen minute social media episode. Or heck, schedule tweets.

10. Promote by publishing.
This is the most important piece: Create content on your social media. But NEVER to the exclusion to your blog. Blogging is not dead. In fact, it’s possibly the most important component of social media. Don’t neglect it.

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