7 Correct Ways Real Estate Agents Use Social Media

Do you know what a good real estate blog looks like? Could you spot an influential social media marketer? And what makes a real estate agent like Trey Pennington a successful online networker?

If you answered “no,” “no” and “I don’t know” to the previous question, then this blog post for you.

While social media is not a barn-burning profit maker…it is a great tool to emphasize who you are [personal brand] and what you are trying to do [business strategy].

The bad news is if you don’t know how to use social media properly you could foul up your personal brand and hose your business strategy down the drain.

But the good news is you can learn how to use social media correctly. Just mirror these seven traits of successful blogs.

1. Personality

The person behind a great blog or Twitter stream is exciting, risky, interesting and perhaps even flamboyant. In other words, he or she stands out. And the cool thing about social media, even introverts can stand out.

2. Engagement

You need to interact with the people who read your blog or follow your Twitter stream. This means responding to comments. Replying to tweets. Sharing links.

3. Unfiltered

While not a must, the more fluid communication flows [comment moderation on your blog isn’t on] the more real and personal and authentic the social media tool seems.

4. Intellegence

Another trait behind successful social media mavens is smarts. Book smarts. Street smarts. Business smarts. Marketing. Writing. Real estate. It doesn’t matter in what field their wisdom lies…as long as they share. [So if you aren’t wise, start reading. That’s a simple solution.]

5. Data

Original research and analysis is a great draw. Can you share first-hand discoveries you found after a simple, informal survey you took in the shopping mall parking lot? Got a bead on a statistic you churned out after burning housing data through software programs all night? Share it.

6. Links

You add value to your followers when you share links in your blog posts and Twitter and Facebook streams. You also support other people in the social media community, which builds your whuffie [reputation].

7. Builds Community

The endgame for successful real estate social media is community building. Drop the cut-throat, scarcity mindset and get comfortable with working and supporting everyone. [Naturally, the scum of the earth you can avoid.]

Did I miss anything? Please share your thoughts!

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Just an FYI, #5 should actually be spelled intelligence. Good info though.


Very insightful.

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Great point with regards to unfiltered communications. As a blog owner you would still want to keep a keen eye on the comments and moderate where appropriate.


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